Helios RE500 details

Internal views

Helios RE500 Equaliser
PCB top side
Helios RE500 Equaliser
PCB bottom side


For use with a 51X (±24V) rack leave the additional edge connector board in situ.

For use with a regular (±16V) rack:

  • remove the four screws that hold the aluminium cover
  • remove the cover
  • remove the pillar adjacent to the 51X connector
  • unplug the 51X adapter board
  • replace the pillar, cover and four screws before using it
Helios RE500 Equaliser
51X configuration (left), regular configuration (right)


It is a single width (1.5in, 38.1mm) module. Front panel height: 5.25in, 133mm, enclosed rear section: 4.5in, 155mm high.

More details and specifications will follow in due course.