Helios GDPR privacy policy

Last modified 13 May 2022


This policy relates to Helios Electronics Limited and Helios Professional Audio Limited.


We aim to protect any personal information that you give us and/or our licensees and don’t pass it on to marketing list providers.

Where appropriate, we will pass your data on to licensees of the Helios Trademark.

Helios Professional Audio Limited is registered with the UK Information Commissioner's Office.


If you have any questions about this privacy policy or the personal data we hold, please use the contact form or write to us at Helios Electronics Limited, Ashley Lodge, 82 Cobourg Road, Montpelier, Bristol, BS6 5HX, UK. Helios Electronics Limited and Helios Professional Audio Limited are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Caz Limited.


We use two of the six available lawful bases available under the GDPR for the collection, use and storage of personal data, namely legitimate interest and consent.

Legitimate interest

The following processes form part of our legitimate interest in the operation of Caz Limited, the websites it operates and its subsidiaries Helios Electronics Limited and Helios Professional Audio Limited.

Website logs

Our website logs are kept for up to 26 months in case they are needed to investigate unauthorised behaviour including attacks.

Apart from dealing with threats, logs help us operate our websites and analyse their performance.

Website forms

Web forms are monitored for abuse.


Website forms

Web forms set out the process for which the entered data will be used and have individual consent tick boxes.


We will obtain consent for newsletters and similar should we use them as a means of marketing in the future.

What we collect

Customer information

If you contact us for any reason, that information you provide may be recorded and stored for an appropriate period.

We retain customer financial transactions for six years at least. We reserve the right to delete them after that time.

Data sharing

Your data may be shared with our licensees – usually because you want to order or to requested information from them.

We only share your address data with the Royal Mail, couriers and other businesses as necessary for the conduct of the work you ask us to do or orders made.


You have many rights regarding personal data. Get in touch if you want something deleted or altered.



Essential website cookies are used for the operation of the site eg anti-spam measures and login. No tracking cookies are used.